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How are writing and empathy connected?

Empathy is known as “the ability to understand and share the feelings of others.” The idea of writing is to be able to express your own thoughts or feelings on paper in a way that readers can also understand and relate. Writing and empathy are connected because they both are an expression and understanding of ones feelings. You can be empathic in your writing, for instance, when you write a biography. In order to write a successful piece on someone’s life you have to first understand it, and then be able to rely the message in such a way that feelings from accounts of that person’s life are relatable.




What is the value of both?

The value of writing and empathy is historic accounts are recorded and understandable. Entertainment is enhanced, such as the difference from reading an okay book and an outstanding book. Both help people understand what goes on in the world from decades ago to the present day. All in all, both builds bridges between individuals by allowing them to understand each others feelings and emotions.

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Your first paragraph shines because of the use of biography as an example. You’re so right! How can I write about someone’s life if I don’t know what they experienced and how they experienced it. You second paragraph is a little too general for me, and I’m unsure of what you mean when you say it’s “recorded and understandable.” I also wanted to know more about the link between value and reading “an okay book and an outstanding book.” I think you mean empathy creates an outstanding book, but how does that make empathy valuable?

I’m excited to get to know you and your writing better this semester! DW

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