Tenure was introduced to fix the problem of unfair firings of teachers and educators, so they could keep their jobs if they fulfill the specific requirements of it. In fact, tenure wastes a lot of money in teachers making the colleges unable to get modernized and students from learning more important topics. Perhaps tenure may raise the unemployment rate within professors, not giving them the opportunity to keep a job.

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Your first sentence presents what we mention in our introduction, but it isn’t the focus of our paper. We are not interested in tenure fixing the problem of unfair firings. What is the focus of our body paragraphs? That is what you should be summarizing in your first two sentences. Additionally, your in fact sentences strong– you learned tenure wastes a lot of money and it makes colleges unable to modernize. Your perhaps sentence is also strong. I wonder if you could create a sentence in between your in fact and perhaps so it doesn’t seems like such a huge leap.

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