In “Precarity and Gentrification” by Samuel Stein he┬ádefines gentrification basically as an economic process which the city uses their raw materials to get profits and renew neighborhoods. It states that It could be chaotic, making neighborhoods “better”, it also says how it changes public policies. This articles makes want to know how people in the neighborhood takes this whole process of gentrification, how does it impacts them and their way of living, where do people go. Also how will neighborhoods, jobs and education change.

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You’re interested in a lot! That’s good! But it can also mean you want to narrow down your interest before doing research for your lit review. I wonder if you should look at neighborhoods that lack a lot of “raw materials” and can NOT gentrify. What becomes of neighborhoods that are simply NEVER going to be gentrified. What problems do they have that make them un-gentrifiable?


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