Lack of Funding for drug clinics

Drug addiction has increased in the United States but rehabilitation assistance and help has not. Most politicians don’t view drug addiction as an illness rather they view it as a self driving choice.  The article “Inside a killer Drug Epidemic: A look at America’s Opioid Crisis” (2017) highlight the lack of funding in Utah, Salt lake city. “People call every day and say, ‘Do you have an opening?’” Ms. Dolan said. “We don’t have any money to pay for medication-assisted treatment, and we don’t have prescribes to provide treatment.” (79) Also addressed in “On the campaign trail in NH, heart break over heroin addiction”(2016) There are treatment available the epidemic has become so big that there is usually a waiting list or the organization isn’t funded enough which leads to the death of addicts due to the fact that they can’t get help.(PBS,25-28) With the views of how people are dealing with this epidemic it is clear that some thing needs be done. The idea of drug addiction needs to be highlighted and taking more seriously. Every year the drug epidemic increases and it is pushed to the back end of health investments. Drug addiction isn’t viewed as a disease it is viewed a self driving choice and it is unfair that evidence has shown how much it has effected people lives and nothing is being done.

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Your common idea sentence is one of the strongest I’ve read. What needs work is your APA and your use of transition/explanation sentence.
In terms of APA, I don’t need the article title. I only need the Author’s last name. So for your first article reference, it really should read, The Editorial Board (2017) highlights…. (para. 79).

Additionally, you don’t explain the significance of Ms. Dolan calling, I also wasn’t sure why you needed to quote that, you could have paraphrased Dolan’s scenario. Remember, pick quotes that are MEMORABLE and CAN NOT BE SAID IN ANY OTHER WAY. Because there’s not any explanation of how the Dolan example is related to a decrease in rehab funding, your next paraphrase about funding feels rushed and confusing. How is the funding related to the quote from the Times article? I wonder if the quotes you have at the end of this paragraph might have been useful transition sentences.


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