Writing and empathy are similar in the way that they both reflect on how you are feeling. Writing is the way people reflect on their feelings and put their take on the topic into writing. Empathy is putting yourself in the person’s shoes and basing how you would feel if that was you in the situation. They both come from a deeper place of feelings and emotions.

The value of empathy is putting yourself in to that ehealth pharmacy point of view and seeing how you would feel. It bases your decisions and judgment from your point of view instead of someone else’s. Empathy makes you feel the emotions more deeply since it is happening to you. Empathy helps you have a deeper connection with the problem.

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Thank you Yelena for this thoughtful post on the importance of emotions in writing and empathy. Might I suggest thinking of real concrete examples to add in between what I call claim statements. Claim statements are statements that need to be proven. So when you say “The value of empathy is putting yourself in to that point of view and seeing how you would feel.” I want you to prove to me that this is in fact valuable. You can only do this if you have a specific example and then explain the specific example. It’s related to the MEAL strategy of paragraph development. We’ll talk about it more tomorrow in class. Until then, you might consider looking at the space between your sentences– I mean metaphorical space not literal space— and inserting examples and/or reflection to prove each claim you make.

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