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extra credit exit ticket

extra credit exit ticket

Accepting syrian refugees into the U.S. is the least we could do. accepting syrians into countries have become a hard task since people are scared of the repercussions after doing so.  According to  Ignatieff (2015) “The refugee crisis isn’t a ‘European one'” he claims “the worst are the petro states …many of them have been funneling arms into syria for years, and what have they done to give new homes to the four million people trying to flee? Nothing.” if we fund these syrian rebels isn’t it our responsibility to help the people who don’t want to be caught in the middle of it flee? maybe we should listen to Ignatieff he is a former politician who is well known for his work as a historian. Ignatieff also states that “blaming the europeans is an alibi and the rest of our excuses- like the refugees don’t have the right papers- are sickening” and this is true because the U.S. like many other countries can do so much more, this is proven by our past and how we used to ‘be able to rise to the occasion’ according to Ignatieff “canada, sent a government minister to vienna in late 1956  to support a processing center that took in hundreds of hungarians and airlifted them to canada after the soviets crushed the hungarian uprising.”

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