Chasing the scream

In Batman’s Bad Call, excerpted from “Chasing the Scream” by Johann Hari, he explains how people could do unusual things and how they struggle when they’re lonely, how addiction is not chemical base but environmental base. One example of this is when he says what Bruce noticed in the rat experiment, “What they discovered was startling. It turned out that the rats in isolated cages used up to 25 milligrams of morphine a day…rats in the happy cages used hardly any morphine at all…” according to Bruce’s experiment being along triggers the need of something/someone, which is why they become addicts, like the lonely rat consumed the 25 milligrams of morphine. Another example is when Bruce compared the experiment done with the soldiers from the Vietnam war with the rat experiment, “…some 20 percent of U.S. soldiers had become addicted to heroin there…The war ended. The addicts came home…95 percent of them, within a year, simply stopped” this shows us that their loneliness during war lead them to consume heroin, they felt empty and in need of something to fill that space up, that’s why when they got home to their families they didn’t feel the need to use drugs anymore. The drugs gave them some sort of comfort and calmer feeling. He also talked about drinking coffee which is a habit and it’s not a chemical hook that you will have the need to consumer it everyday at all times. People with bad and lonely childhood tend to grow up with addiction.




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