3 ways to speak english

Jamila Lyiscott “3 ways to speak English” reflects on how speaking broken English does not make you less articulate. For example Lyiscott states “But do not judge me by my language and assume That I’m too ignorant to teach ‘Cause I speak three tongues One for each Home, school and canadian meds online friends I’m a tri-lingual orator”. Lyiscott believes speaking broken English actually makes her more articulate and will diversify her, since she can speak another tongue when in different environments.  Jamila also shows that articulate sounds different to other people, for example canadian pharmacy cialis she states “Now you may think that it is ignorant to speak broken English, But I’m here to tell you that even “articulate” Americans sound foolish to the British. So when my Professor comes on the block and says, “Hello” I stop him and say “Noooo …You’re being inarticulate … the proper way is to say ‘what’s good’”. Lyiscott explains how she can take her different languages and incorporate them in different parts of her life.


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