3 ways to speak English

In “3 ways to speak English” by Jamila Lyiscott, she expains how articulate she is by speaking three different languages. An example of this is when she’s talking to her friends “…when I’m on the block I switch it up just because I can, So when my boy says, “What’s good with you son?” I just say, “I jus’ fall out wit dem people but I done!”. She has managed to speak with her father at home and to the boys on the block a different way because she is articulate. This is telling us how Jamila understands everybody else and is able to be understood while she speaks other languages with her professor, friends and family at home. According to Jamila being articulate is when people tend to speak in different ways the same language with different people and being understood.

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Hey Edgar, you want to review the rules of a summary in class one more time. What you have here is more of a reflection of the video you watched. In an official summary, you don’t want to tell the reader whether or not you agreed with her. You want to focus on presenting an idea and supporting this idea using HER examples and YOUR analysis of HER examples.

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