“A linguistic celebration,” is what Jamila lyiscott states when she describes how she is articulate in today’s society. Jamila shows how articulation can be shaped by a persons surroundings.

“And when I’m on the block I switch it up just because I can. So when my boy says, “What’s good with you son?” I just say, “I jus’ fall out wit dem people but I done!” 

When she is around her peers she is able speak in a way that is still articulate. Even though people that are not familiar with that form of english may say they are speaking is inarticulate, it is still articulate within that certain group.  The idea of articulation can be controlled by the environment. She addresses the question of conflict: What may not be understood and logical by one may still be to the other, so who is really the articulate one?

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Hi Salima– you raise a great question– who is articulate, really. However, for this kind of exercise, you want to focus on the text/video itself. This means– a clearer main idea sentence– I wonder if your second sentence could have been it. Additionally, you want to explain the way your example relates to the idea of articulation as Jamila defines it.
Do note this for your homework assignment due Friday!

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