Against Empathy summary

the article Against Empathy by Paul Bloom, argue about why empathy is not the only way to solve people’s issues. therefore, we should use another method such as cognitive empathy so that, instead of feeling what people feel or having compassion for others, we could face people’s problems and solves them without having the feeling or compassion. As he states in his article “emotional versus cognitive empathy. Bloom states that, people tend to misunderstand the real concept of empathy, it’s role, and how it can be viewed as an emotional thing. So by doing so,  people blend it with cognitive empathy which is fare away different from Empathy. In his article, he gives example that cover and support his argument. For instance, he gives an example of someone who is drowning in the river and how our first perception or idea is not to feel what this person is experiencing in the river water before we save him or her. But, rather what our moral sense or intuition will reveal to us in a lapse of time to save this person. Another example that shows his against empathy is that, in his article, he states that empathy is personal. We cannot empathize with the whole word at the same time and if empathy has to exist, it has to be individual. One example that illustrates this part is  when he talks about gun violence in Chicago and how people empathizes with the lost without knowing that thousand of murder are committed around the work at the moment.

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Toure, you’ve got plenty of examples that show Bloom’s skepticism of empathy; however, there’s no analysis. I think this has to do with the fact that you’re not clear on what the main idea is. Remember, the analysis sentence takes the example you give and elaborates on its significance, how it is related to the main idea sentence, and perhaps reflects on ways the example helps the author prove his point. Your main idea sentence is two parts– “not the only way to solve people’s issues” and “we should use another method.” You might divide this into TWO paragraphs and make each of those points your M sentence. For now, could you take an example you give: Bloom states that, people tend to misunderstand the real concept of empathy, it’s role, and how it can be viewed as an emotional thing and EXPLAIN how this is related to either empathy not being the only way to solve people’s issues OR the need for another method? By doing this, we’ll confirm you’re clear on the way the E + A sentence pairing works.

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