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This is my test post. You too are going to be submitting a test post on the first day of class. I’d like you to consider the question:

How are writing and empathy connected? What is the value of both?

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How are writing and empathy similar? What is the value of empathy?

When writing in any kind of way, you are most likely giving either your opinion or facts. When writing in a blog where multiple people can read it, the writer tends to think about the topic thoroughly before posting so that they can minimize the number of negative comments or arguments. So writing is similar to empathy in this way by having the person think about the topic from viewpoints that differ from their own. Another thing is that when people are writing things such as poems or personal essays that give their raw feelings. This gives readers the ability to have empathy toward the writer when reading their work. Empathy is something that is definitely rare in the world we live in today. But with something that it is rare, it also makes it valuable. Empathy gives a person the ability to put themselves in someone else’s shoes and understand their emotions, feelings, and points of view. As a human being, many of us are subject to tunnel vision; empathy is one way that you thoroughly understand a position that another person is in. Not many people are able to understand empathy, which makes it rich in a person’s character.

How are writing and empathy similar?

When a person writes they might be following instructions or free writing. Empathy is putting yourself into someone else’s position and understanding how they feel. Writing and empathy can be similar because to write about something you might have to connect yourself to a concept to better understand it. In writing and making connections with your own experiences you might have empathy to further explain your ideas to the reader.

What is the value of empathy?

The value of empathy is that in order to solve real world issues we have to understand them. Without empathy, no one would feel like they have to come up with solutions to problems. If a person can’t understand a problem, they won’t know how to fix it. One example of the value of empathy is providing institutions for people who have mental illnesses and diseases. There are people who go to school to study and learn about these illnesses. They become educated to provide different help such as counseling. Without their knowledge they might not feel like they have to provide help for these people who suffer every day.

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