Deaths in overdose are becoming more and more common. Woodruff Argues “The statistics are staggering. In 2013, New Hampshire saw 192 drug overdose deaths. That number shot up to 326 in 2014. As of mid-December, 342 people died this past year. And the smart drugs guide fatalities are just the tip of the iceberg.” ( Woodruff, 2016, Para.15) In just one year the drug overdose death almost doubled in New Hampshire.  In Massachusetts Katie Harvey is a 24 year old women dealing with addiction. “Katie has been hooked on heroin since she was 21 years old and where to buy modafinil online overdosed 5 times in those 3 years. In Massachusetts about 5 people die a day from overdose.”(Editorial Board NY Times, 2017, Para.13) From New Hampshire to Massachusetts, overdose is becoming something we are seeing increase over time and the deaths are becoming even larger.

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Great work Yelena, your APA is correct. Just remember, if you mention the author’s name in the sentence, you don’t have to repeat it in the parenthetical. What needs work here are your transitions and your common idea sentence. Your transition from New Hampshire to Katie needs work. What is the connection between the two? OR How is the second article adding to what the first article mentions? It seems like the second article is putting a human face to the stats mentioned in the first. Your common idea sentence is not analytical and therefore you didn’t have much to explain when you quoted and paraphrased. Instead of saying overdose deaths are common, you might’ve cited a more analytical common idea– “Overdose deaths are leading to a public health crisis.” This way, after every citation, you can explain the way it relates to your first sentence.

Keep at it!

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