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Lock down

Lock down Lock down by Michelle Alexander how it is incredible the lock down an excerpt from the new Jim Crow mass incarceration in the age of colorblindness.  she  talked about how the criminal justice system works he spoke about how television is over loaded with the fictional drama about police, crimes, and prosecutors in some of the shows like Law and Order. the shows focus on more of the crimes to convict people. when police officers were dealing with  they own demons once they found something on a person they would try and force other crimes that the people did not do, once they solve the crime that they caught people doing because they were dealing with other demons police officers would try and put them other crimes on them also.people that knew that what really happen in the court system knew what to expect in the shows or movies.

In the Fourth Amendment of the United States the police could not just search people, homes, paper. the new Amendment have the right to make the paper feel secure against unreasonable searches. they should have not been violated because there were no reason to have a warrens to search they personal things. warrens could not be issued unless they could give a reason why they need the warren to search people things. Back in the late 1800’s to 1900’s the police officers could search people homes and businesses without the law enforcement given the permission to do so because when they came they bring the permission to search without any reasons to search, if the officers decided to check because they had an idea that them houses was doing criminal activates.  the criminal justice system had all types of people filling law suits against them for searching the homes without the system giving a reason of permission to do so. after people were putting them threw situations and had to give up millions of dollars for searching that they claim were dealing with drugs activities or criminal activities. one a officer did not find nothing in the homes or in they processions after they tore up they things to find something and did not find nothing. people had the right of way to file a suit against the law enforcement for destroys they personal things. people felt that having no cause of searching they personal things and tear they things that they worked hard for because they had a thought of people doing criminal activities. when the new Amendment came in place police officers could not search homes, cars, and businesses without the system given a reason to do so. if people denied them not to search they needed to contact the system and give a good reasons why you need to search somebodies personal homes or businesses. in the new Amendment the law enforcement were suppose to protect the americans citizen from un reasonable search. when people were stopped by a officer they would tell them they pulling them over for a traffic violation or you were speeding just so they would have a reason to search them for other reasons. they made it possible for officers to search anybody ay anytime. she wanted people to know that how the law enforcement treated us and wanted us to sit back and toilets what they were doing. from now until 30 years ago the police system lock up millions of people most of them were innocent from doing nothing but the system were against us so they had nobody to talk for our people. even when people was innocent they could still take the plea because they had lawyers that were there to protect them was against them would tell them to take the plea bargain. how we was teated in the criminal justice system was unfair in our eyes and still being most of the time treated not with respect. when they changed the civil rights rules they place officers still find ways to try and search without a good reasonable cause. we did not have no say so about how they would try to search out personal things and make it seem that we are in some criminal activities. how drugs was a politician and became a war because all you had was officers pointing out people and just target them for no cause of anything. it were times that police officers did not have any kind of warren and still tore a hole in people belongings and did not find anything in the processions or in they property.

Michelle Alexander was incredible because she sat down and learn how to come together and write a book about how the law enforcement tried to break our americans citizen into pieces. how she wanted the system to change and also wants our americans citizen to be protected in the united states. a police officers did not have a unreasonable search to search anyone or any of the property . she also spoke about how we as americans were getting treated poorly in the united states. the law enforcement thought that  it was ok to just search people that they thought was dealing with criminal activities. they put innocent people behind bars because that how  they felt that moment.

  • Dhipinder Walia
    Posted at 16:50h, 15 February Reply

    Hi Starr– do me a favor– clarify the difference between INCREDIBLE and CREDIBLE. You were asked to explain why a source is CREDIBLE.

    • starr johnson
      Posted at 17:17h, 15 February Reply

      ok just give me til tonight i will clarify it thanks and tell you the meaning of incredible and credible

    • starr johnson
      Posted at 20:34h, 15 February Reply

      The difference between incredible and credible is incredible is something that is impossible to believe. Credible is capable of being a believer
      The source is credible because when I read the story about lockdown by Michelle aAlexander I could believe that the law enforcement system did not protect American citizens from unreasonable search warrants. They let the police officers do as they please to try and get out people convicted of any criminal activities

      • Dhipinder Walia
        Posted at 18:32h, 17 February Reply

        Thanks for looking this up. For your own benefit, you should review our powerpoint. To be credible does not mean it is something you can believe. It needs to be written by an author who is well-researched. It needs to be a book that has been edited by a number of editors. It needs to use objective pieces of evidence.

  • Starr Johnson
    Posted at 18:57h, 15 February Reply

    The difference between incredible and credible is that incredible is something that is impossible to believe. Credible is capable of being a believer.
    The source is credible because when I read on the chapter lock down by Michelle Alexander I could believe that the law enforcement system did not protect the Americans Citizens from unreasonable search warrants because there were too many cases pointing out the same situation about how the police officers did not have a good reason to search Americans or they property.

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