Credible Article: What’s Behind the Rise in Cocaine-Linked Deaths?

In the link provided above, the article “What’s Behind the Rise in Cocaine-Linked Deaths?”¬†talks about the rise in Opioid epidemic and its link to the amount of deaths caused each year. Kimberly Leonard, the author, is a health reporter with the Center of Public Integrity, an Association of Health Care Journalist, and a reporter for the U.S. News & World Report. The link below gives detailed information about Leonard’s professional career:¬†

Her articles are deemed plausible because they are proofread by the company before publishing any articles. Also, she has not written solely by the U.S. News & World Report, but with several different, well-known, newspapers. She is a Senior healthcare Writer, which emphasizes the amount of knowledge and understanding it takes to be published by several of these news papers.

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Thank you Stephanie! This is great– I wondered if you could link us to the various places that she’s published before. I’d be curious to hear if you pursue this topic for your literature review. Opioid related deaths is such a huge problem right now, it’d be interesting to hear WHY this is the case.

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