The New York Times & PBS – Drug Epidemic

Drug addiction is a rising cause of death in the United States. Both The New York Times and PBS highlight the affects of drugs in specific regions of the country, focusing mainly on its impact on the people in the communities. New York Times journalist, M. Scott Brauer (2017) emphasizes the downfall of our society by stating that in current years “deaths from heroin alone has surpassed gun homicides” (para. 2). Brauer highlights the nature of the epidemic by discussing the increase in the amount of deaths, due to heroin overdose, is surpassing other high rated causes of death. The rise in deaths by drug overdose has caused many politicians to focus on how they might handle the problem in their communities if they are allowed into office. PBS’s Judy Woodruff (2016) discusses drug overdose with politicians, their opinion on the epidemic, and how they may be able to help the victims. Hillary Clinton, during a debate, states¬†that she has met several grandparents that now are taking care of their grandchild as a result of the rising death rate of drug addiction (as cited in Woodruff, 2016, par. 34).¬†Throughout the video, the reporter sits with several people that either have been a victim or witnessed someone being a victim of drug overdose. Many of the politicians in the video discuss their personal experiences with their friends and/or family that they have or have almost lost in the war of drugs and how they have used that experience in their campaign trail.

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Your transitions here are wonderful! I especially like how you get us from homicides to Judy Woodruff– a couple of things to be mindful of– 1) discusses is good the first time, but you want to vary your verb choice to include more than just discusses 2) Your topic sentence can be a bit more analytical. I think your focus here is really on the rising cause of death making it necessary for politicians to act in some way on the drug crisis. 3) You don’t need the summary of the video in your second to last sentence unless you alter your first sentence to suggest an interest in victims.

Overall, great work here!

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