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New York’s drug crisis called worse than 1980s

New York’s drug crisis called worse than 1980s

The main idea is about  people in New York use and sell more drugs on the street than in 1980s . Even though it is hidden but still many people are into drugs. There has been a lot of frequent major drug raids. This is from a credible source because it is recently updated, and the author Lisa Evers has written a lot of articles. Fox5NY is widely read by many people and it also has a TV station which is widely viewed,too.

  • Dhipinder Walia
    Posted at 18:30h, 17 February Reply

    Hi Foode-thanks for sharing, just a note, just because something is widely read or widely viewed, it doesn’t guarantee “credibility.” Instead, you’d want to push on this article’s sources. Are the sources used objective? Are the facts substantiated?

    • Foode Daabo
      Posted at 22:27h, 17 February Reply

      Thanks, you are right.The source of the article is credible, because it has a contact information where questions can be directed to, and so many articles are recently published on the website. The author got her story from the Drug Enforcement Agency, names and statistics were presented to back her story.

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